Betty is the stage name of Elizabeth Danielyan, which has already become a kind of brand. Elizabeth was born on March 7, 2003. At the age of 4, she entered the State Choreographic College and attended college at the same time. Then she entered School No. 8 named after Pushkin, where she studied with excellence. At the age of 6, she entered the State Song Theater. She practiced singing at a professional level from early childhood.

In parallel, Elizabeth studied at several music schools, the National Aesthetic Center, learnt embroidery, origami, drawing, and to this day is engaged in pottery, her works have been presented at charity sales exhibitions for many times. Elizabeth is fluent in 4 languages: English, Spanish, Russian and Armenian. She is currently studying Chinese.

Betty is the author of many songs and poems, a variety of projects and ideas.  She took lessons in ballet, vocals, guitar and percussion. At the age of 7, she recorded the song "Parashpot" in a duet. At the age of 8, she shot her first solo music video for the song "Karevore Lusavore".

Since 2012, Betty has worked as a TV presenter on all major TV channels in Armenia, including the State Public Television of Armenia. She hosted TV programs in various formats, including the tele-cycle “The Magnificent Seven with Betty” and “Home Alone”. However, Betty made her television debut at an even earlier age. She often starred in the program "Rules of Politeness" on the children's TV channel "Hayrenik". The most popular music TV channel in Armenia, 21TV, also invited Elizabeth Danielyan to host the "Betty Show" TV project.

2012 was a busy year for Betty, not only in terms of TV broadcasts but also in terms of concerts. She took part in the New Wave Junior International Contest as a guest. Elizabeth is the winner of a large number of festivals and contests, including the Math Kangaroo Competition. In the summer of 2012, Betty participated in the Children's Sports Olympiad in Turkey. She returned to Armenia with a great triumph, having won 4 gold medals in mini-golf, darts and Jenga.

In 2013, the State Public TV and Radio Company of Armenia recognized Elizabeth Danielyan as “The Best Children's Teleface in Armenia”.

In 2014, Betty applied to participate in the New Wave International Music Contest and reached the semifinal (Moscow).

In 2014, Betty applied to participate in the pre-selection round of the International Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Armenia, where she won over 87 participants by performing the song “People of the Sun”. Thanks to this victory, Betty represented Armenia at the most prestigious International Junior Eurovision Song Contest and became a prize-winner, having won the third-place prize. It was only one point that she conceded to her opponent. To this day, Betty is the only participant to receive the maximum number of points (12) at the International Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2014, within the framework of the Annual National Children and Youth Music Awards, Betty was presented with a special award "For presenting Armenia in the best possible way at the Eurovision".

In 2015, the State Public Television of Armenia invited Betty to become the presenter and host of the TV cycle "Planet of Whies".

In 2015, Betty visited Bulgaria, from where, as a speaker of Armenia, she announced the points which Armenia gave to the participant songs within the framework of the International Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

On June 7, 2016, the presentation of the video for the song of the same name by Betty's (Elizabeth Danielyan) youth project “New Generation” took place. The project "New Generation", born as a result of the synthesis of work experience as a presenter and artistic skills and mastery, as well as personal qualities of Elizabeth Danielyan, is a completely new format, the concept of which (with Betty's participation) has already become and will continue to become the basis of television projects and concert programs. The project marked Betty's transition from childhood to youth. The message of the “New Generation” project is a call to the new generation to unite, believe in their strengths and abilities, as well as confidently go forward.

In 2016, Betty became a member of the Jury of the International Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2016, Betty's name was included in the International Encyclopedia "The best people are the best in education: volume of 2016." On behalf of Betty, the authors of the initiative see the person who owns the future. It is for this reason that articles about Betty have been published in the section "They Own the Future" in the encyclopedia.

In 2017, Betty became a member of the Armenian jury of the pre-selection project Towards Eurovision of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2017, Betty visited the United States of America and in September she was recognized as an EXTRAORDINARY person by the US Government. This status is granted to a limited number of people with extraordinary abilities based solely on their brilliant work and the path they have already passed.

In 2017, in the USA, Betty was awarded a medal for the idea of ​​the “New Generation” project. In the United States, Betty carried out an outreach and awareness campaign, after which many young people expressed their desire to join her and her project.

In 2017, Betty completed her training on the program Showcase & Acting Career in the United States and received offers about cooperation from American agencies.

In 2018, the US Congress granted Betty a green card based solely on her activities, the path she has already passed and her achievements.

In the same year, the artist signed a contract with one of the reputable American media agencies, which will represent Betty in the American media industry.

In 2019, Betty starred in the new project Euphoria of the influential American TV channel HBO of the WarnerMedia conglomerate.

In 2020-2021 Elizabeth was elected a member of Eurojury 2020 and 2021. Every year, the Eurojury reviews the songs of the Eurovision Song Contest and selects their favorites.

The year 2020 was marked by another very important achievement. In the United States, Betty graduated from the Academy of Education on an external basis, gaining additional credit points in physics and mathematics as well as the English language.

In 2021, Betty released a music video for her “Betty World” new song. It was shot entirely on the sum earned by Betty in the United States. In addition, the work is special in the way that Betty herself carried out organizational work and staff selection. It is noteworthy that in this project Betty also acts as a producer and creator as well as that she worked with the best specialists from around the world.

In 2021 she has already completed all the requirements for both an associate degree in science (for transfer) in Physics and in Mathematics.